Why You Should Prune and Service Your Trees

If you look out into your backyard and see out of control growth on your trees it can be a very dispiriting sight. After all, pruning trees can be a difficult, very labor-intensive and, let’s face it, we can all think of more fun things to do with our time! However I’m here to suggest that if you can muster the energy for it, then investing an afternoon or two out in your yard pruning the trees would be very much worth the effort. Another equally viable solution of course is…

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What It’s Like To Own a Japanese Ramen Restaurant

If you’re even slightly familiar with the restaurant industry, you’ll know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to start and operate your own restaurant. The place itself doesn’t have to be huge, but there has got to be something that separates yours from the rest, otherwise why would people love it more than the next place. Personally, I have visited Japan a few times and the game is similar, yet so different there. Watch the video to find out what a day in life is like for a…

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