The Best Design Tips For Outdoor Kitchens

With the summer season passing us by, outdoor kitchens have become preferable for numerous homes. That’s because you can enjoy more living space and a complete redo of your backyard. However, the ideal outdoor kitchen should be suitable to use even after the season is long gone. Here are some design tips to create the most amazing outdoor kitchen for your home.


  1. What To Do With The Foundation?

First, you need to choose the right floor layout as well as the floor material for your outdoor kitchen. While doing so, you need to be aware of the various weather changes in your region as well as the weight of the appliances to be placed in the kitchen. For instance, if you choose tile or marble for your outdoor kitchen floor, you should be prepared for it to be slippery or slick. Also, it might not withstand any grease or food stains.


If you’re planning on adding the outdoor kitchen to your deck, you should consider painting or re-staining it to match the additional renovations. The right floors for the kitchen should complete the overall look as well as increase value and durability. Also, you need to consider the foot traffic in your outdoor kitchen. For instance, if there will be children running around or older individuals who prefer smooth surfaces, you need to meet these needs.


  1. Choosing The Right Location

There are many things to consider when choosing the right location for your outdoor kitchen. First, the smoke from the grill shouldn’t get back into the house and that’s why you need to have a good idea of the wind pattern around your home. Also, if you frequently invite guests over, you need to make sure the distance from your indoors kitchen to the outdoors one isn’t too long. That way, you can carry heavy platters effortlessly from one place to the other.


You need to make sure that the outdoor kitchen doesn’t block your view from inside your home. Finally, you need to consider the flow of traffic from in and out of the house to make sure that your family is safe when in or around the outdoor kitchen. For instance, the kitchen shouldn’t be located where the kids love riding their bikes or playing Frisbees.

Both photos of kitchens are a courtesy of Hardscapes Indianapolis website and my friend Paul Karrer’s handy work.


  1. Determining The Size

To determine the right size for your outdoor kitchen, you need to consider the size of the appliances going inside it. Besides the cooking and refrigeration appliances, you might also need some entertainment options in your outdoor kitchen. That’s why you need to consider how each of the appliances will fit in the design, the amount of room available for each and how all the appliances will work with each other.

Quick Tip: Be sure to select the right layout, prior to decorating it and setting the overall ambiance.


For instance, once you have installed a grill in your outdoor kitchen, you need to leave enough space on both sides of the grill to accommodate various platters or tools. Don’t forget about the counter heights and work surfaces that will provide various functions in the outdoor kitchen. Once you have considered all the factors mentioned here, your outdoor kitchen will allow flexible and functional space.


  1. Don’t Forget About Ambiance

The outdoor kitchen is one of the places to cook and eat as you entertain guests or experience a change of scenery. Therefore, you need to find the right ambiance for it and definitely work on making it stand out. You should add chairs, decorative objects, lighting and everything else necessary to bring out the ultimate ambiance for your outdoor kitchen. If possible, you can always add a TV and a sound system to play some music whenever you’re cooking or eating in the outdoor kitchen.

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