Why You Should Prune and Service Your Trees

If you look out into your backyard and see out of control growth on your trees it can be a very dispiriting sight. After all, pruning trees can be a difficult, very labor-intensive and, let’s face it, we can all think of more fun things to do with our time!

However I’m here to suggest that if you can muster the energy for it, then investing an afternoon or two out in your yard pruning the trees would be very much worth the effort.

Another equally viable solution of course is to hire in a tree cutting service like I have recently, unless you’re an extreme DIYer. In fact, depending on the types of trees and their location in your yard (especially if they located near power lines) it might be best to call in the professionals.

But whether you do it yourself or call in the pros, proper tree pruning has several benefits to your yard.


A Haircut for your Yard

The overall appearance of your yard, it’s landscape design so to speak, is what people see when they walk out into the yard itself. It can be a completely organic experience, or it could be all is laid out in advance by a landscape designer.

Irrespective, a messy, cluttered garden is going to detract from the pleasant views and experiences of the yard and overgrown trees are certainly not going to help.

In fact, as they are often the largest items in a garden, they can often be one of its focal points.

Therefore think of pruning the trees in the same way you think of getting a haircut for yourself. To let the true beauty shine out from underneath, you might have to trim a little off the top!


Promote Tree Growth

Cut the tree to make it grow better? It might not make sense but it definitely works! For a start, by pruning trees you encourage strong root growth that of course leads to a healthier overall tree that is more able to withstand high winds and storm conditions. Pruning will also encourage new and stronger growth to replace the old branches that are removed.


Increase Fruit Yield

If your tree(s) grow fruit of any kind then pruning will definitely increase the trees yearly fruit production. As we discussed above, by pruning a tree you will encourage healthy growth of both new root systems and new branches.

Well, this also applies to fruit production that will spike and increase if the tree itself is healthy and growing. Further, the new branch growth after pruning will often promote the growth of spurs, which in turn will be producing fruit for you during the next growing season.


Remove Hazards

Perhaps the most important reason to prune your trees – unless you want branches to fall on your house or, even worse, onto you!

Pay particular attention to any dead or dying branches – these should be removed as soon as possible. Whilst they are more likely to come down in a storm or high wind situation, they can in fact fall off the tree at any point, making them a constant danger that is best dealt with sooner rather than later.


So there you have it, just a few of the reason why you should get out here into the yard and give your trees a good pruning!

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